In Summer-like weather we took a long weekend at my son-in-law’s summer house outside Gusum and brought the kayaks. The first day took us to Fyrudden and out towards Harstena.

We took off in a south-east direction and rounded Kättilö.

Then we kayaked the western shore of Fångö.

We crossed over to Stora Skällö for a lunch break.

After the break we continued around Sandgärdet island.

With low energy levels as this was our premiere trip for the season, we headed back towards Fyrudden.

A swan colony too off.

We passed Kråkmarö with its picturesque village.

We rounded the day off with sauna, a swim in the 8C lake and dinner while waiting for the rain.

On the second day, I had a bad back and rested. Peter N had a trip on the local lake and Peter L and Justus took off to Tyrislöt. Here a are some pictures of Peter N and his three-piece kayak.

(Not a kayak at all.)

On the third day, we decided to head home early to avoid traffic and Peter L and I returned for a shorter trip in home waters around Kärsön.

A near miss osprey sighting.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Great pictures too!


  2. Nice photos and a beautiful spot but you can keep the 8deg swim to yourself


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