Return trip

Time to return to home base from Björkvik. A quiet summer Tuesday.


I paddled out to the grandkids in Björkvik.


In Summer-like weather we took a long weekend at my son-in-law’s summer house and brought the kayaks. The first day brought us to Fyrudden and out towards Harstena.

Not yet

Winter continues, but there is hope…

Last trip this year

After a couple of day of drizzle and wind, off we went. This time of year we have about four hours of light, and a couple of hours of dusk.

Frosty Kanaan

A frosty morning but a clear blue sky, so off we go to Kanaan.


We paddled in to Årstaviken and had a coffee break at Tantolunden.


A beautiful late summer day trip around Kungshatt. With the camera safely tucked away sadly.


Forgot to turn the GPS on and to wipe off the camera lens. But it was a nice trip.

Around Lovön

A bit of wind today and still no summer temperatures. Peter and I took a trip around Lovön.

Hässelby holme

I took Peter for a spin to Hässelby holme and the Osprey’s joined us.