Not yet

Winter continues, but there is hope…

Last trip this year

After a couple of day of drizzle and wind, off we went. This time of year we have about four hours of light, and a couple of hours of dusk.

Frosty Kanaan

A frosty morning but a clear blue sky, so off we go to Kanaan.


We paddled in to Årstaviken and had a coffee break at Tantolunden.


A beautiful late summer day trip around Kungshatt. With the camera safely tucked away sadly.


Forgot to turn the GPS on and to wipe off the camera lens. But it was a nice trip.

Around Lovön

A bit of wind today and still no summer temperatures. Peter and I took a trip around Lovön.

Hässelby holme

I took Peter for a spin to Hässelby holme and the Osprey’s joined us.

Warming Up

At last the ice is gone, the wind down, temperatures rising and the lake is quiet.

Gotta give it a try

Well the lake frooze over the night after having been ice free yesterday. I gave it a shot, but didn’t get far.

Afternoon to Smedsuddsbadet

A fine December day. We started out at noon. The ice that built during the night is melting today (again). Want a slideshow? Click on the picture below. Fire! Or just reflexions from the setting sun… It’s 2:30 pm and dusk. Looking forward to when the light returns.