After a long pause…

Due to dog walking duties and other disturbances, eleven months has passed since the last kayak outing. But on a beautiful Saturday we are back in the water. This trip took us into Långholmen, the old prison island of Stockholm.

It’s Summer

Summer came really early this year, but we were late to get in the kayaks.

Kungs Hatt in zero degrees

After two weeks of overcast humid weather, today was relatively bright although cold. Just at the freezing point. (Some friends have already been skating on the smaller lakes a bit north of Stockholm, but that was last weekend.)

Return trip

Time to return to home base from Björkvik. A quiet summer Tuesday.


I paddled out to the grandkids in Björkvik.


In Summer-like weather we took a long weekend at my son-in-law’s summer house and brought the kayaks. The first day brought us to Fyrudden and out towards Harstena.

Not yet

Winter continues, but there is hope…

Last trip this year

After a couple of day of drizzle and wind, off we went. This time of year we have about four hours of light, and a couple of hours of dusk.

Frosty Kanaan

A frosty morning but a clear blue sky, so off we go to Kanaan.


We paddled in to Årstaviken and had a coffee break at Tantolunden.


A beautiful late summer day trip around Kungshatt. With the camera safely tucked away sadly.


Forgot to turn the GPS on and to wipe off the camera lens. But it was a nice trip.