Bällsta river

After a frosty night, but with promises for a fair day before winter supposedly arrives later this week, met up with Anders at Swima in Huvudsta.

Fall colors

A nice and quiet paddle around Kärsön under a gray sky but with burning trees.

Fall or Summer?

Wonderful day for a kayak trip around Drottningholm, Kungshatt and Fågelön.

Koster islands

Drove down to Justus place on Orust on Tuesday night.


Tried the new paddle, it’s great

Norråva, trying out a couple of paddles

Went to Horisonkajak at Norråva and tried out two paddles, the Werner Shuna and Camano ones. Both good paddles, with the smaller blade Camano singing and dancing with me. Ended up buying the Shuna.


A nice day for a trip to the archipelago.

Breaking the ice

Just above the freezing point, but yesterday the lake was ice free. So not this morning.