Koster islands

Drove down to Justus place on Orust on Tuesday night.

Dånö, Åland

Went to Dånö, Åland with Peter L, Peter N and Justus for a Thursday through Sunday trip (13-16/8).

Bullerö and Nämdö

Three kayaks and two sail boats to meet at Peters place on Nämdö. Justus, Peter and myself paddled.

Söderarm, at last

We took a day off (Magnus from vacation) and had a three day trip. We are so lucky, after weeks of miserable weather, summar has finally arrived. Started at Rävsnäs and paddled out to Vattungarna, via Håkansskär the first day.

Uummannaq, Greenland

Anders, Peter and I, together with the Trackers / Horisontkajak team went paddling on the west coast of Greenland (Uummannaq) July 13-23. Well, actually I didn’t paddle myself as I had a bad spell of asthma. So Anders tooks my GPS and Peter my Spot. Seems there was some miscommunication on the Spot, so it did not track. Sorry everyone!

BRIS – kayak technique

I attended the BRIS class arranged by Horisontkajak this weekend. A brilliant walk through and practice of kayak techniques and safety. Carin and Bengt guided us and we that attended were myself, Annica, Torkel, Andy, Jens, Birgitta, Laurant, Anna, Tone, Maria, Gunilla, Johanna and Jerker. A jolly bunch that I didn’t know in beforehand.


This years expedition suffered from too many work related excuses. Peter was able to take a day off, and we headed out for a two and half day trip at Stendörren.

Crossing paths around Simskäla, Åland

This year took us back to the islands of Åland, the north eastern part. We met up at Magnus’s place in heavy rain – a bad sign? Left for Åland on the evening ferry from Kapellskär and stayed the night at Pensionat Solhem in order to shop food early.