BRIS – kayak technique


I attended the BRIS class arranged by Horisontkajak this weekend. A brilliant walk through and practice of kayak techniques and safety. Carin and Bengt guided us and we that attended were myself, Annica, Torkel, Andy, Jens, Birgitta, Laurant, Anna, Tone, Maria, Gunilla, Johanna and Jerker. A jolly bunch that I didn’t know in beforehand.

We started out with a long kayak packing practice.

Then we had a couple of navigation tasks that actually got us were intended.

And we learnt how to build a raft of the kayaks.

A lunch break is always appreciated.

After lunch a brief walk through of the afternoon.

And then off to maneuvers as sweep, lateral movement…

…and finally helping a capsized friend.

Laurant gets wet

But Andy’s there to help out.

Then a nice dinner and an early night.

(Thanks Jerker B for the picture.)

(Another Jerker B picture.)

Some were more comfortable than others…

After a very rainy night, it cleared up and we had some more theory.

Here Carin and Bengt show towing.

Once in the water we practiced new maneuvers, so exciting I forgot to make use of the camera.

Crossing over to base, we a got a bit of wind and rain. (Picture courtesy Torkel & Annica @

And then both our guides fell over and had to be rescued.

Thanks everyone for a memorable and educational weekend. I’m missing you!

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