Söderarm, almost


Magnus, Peter L and myself attempted to reach Söderarm.

We started out from Rävsnäs on Friday night.

Had a short trip north of Tjockö and found a campsite south of Gisslingö.

…a sandy beach.

In those waters the sound of ships are heard at all hours.

Peter was a good boy and went to bed but Magnus and I sat up too long. Enjoyable sights though at this time of year. This is sun set, but dawn is just an hour away.

Saturday was rainy and cold…

..but we were here to paddle.

Heading towards the shipping lane.

We were a bit anxious about the crossing due to the heavy traffic. Looking in both directions, nothing in sight. Half way across this cruise ship turns up. A ten minute sprint from our side, but the ship headed directly for us – and then, with inches to go (OK a couple of 100 meters) – it turned. Yeah it had to, we were now close to land. But that kept us warm for an hour of two. They come quickly here – beware!



So we broke for a snack at Bredskär.

Looking west from Bredskär, towards Inre Hamnskär.

Although we could see Söderarm, it was another 3 kilometers to go there. Winds were supposed to increase so we headed back east but on a southern course.

After searching for more than hour we found a place to camp. It’s really difficult in this area with rocky shores. But this place was beatiful. Here’s breakfast.

Getting ready to move out.

As there was quite a SW wind, we headed into it for an hour, down to Marö.

Here we crossed the shipping lane, safe this time. Then we had a good surf back up NE..

…to finish the trip.

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