St Anna & Gryt


Day 1 – Tyrislöt to Lunda via Stora Gråskär

Lots of stuff to squeeze into the poor kayak.

Peter N is trying out his rental kayak…

…and here he comes.

Peter L.

…and Justus.

West of Missjö.

Through the passage north west of Missjö.

North east of Missjö.

South of Stora Högholmen, George Truly sneaking into the picture.

North west of Stora Tallskär.

Lunch break at Stora Gråskär.

Peter L in preparation for the next leg.

Passing through the islands at Långa Skäret (without the help of an umbrella sail this year).

Open sea between Långa Skäret and Dromhals.

Towards Tyxholmarna and then to Stora Gråskär for the night.

Day 2 – Stora Gråskär – Lindskär via Lunda

Another nice morning

Leaving the nice bay of the campsite.

North west of Birkskär

At Låga Örskär

Heading north over open sea towards the east of Arkö.

The lighthouse at Viskär (south east end of Arkö).

Close to the north east of Lunda, looking for a lunch spot.

Lunch at Lunda, looking south.

The idea was to explore the archipelago north of Arkö, but the weather forecast was not in our favor, so we decided to head back south.

Found a camping site at Lindskär.

A mink (do you see it by the kayak?) showed up and ate the snacks we had in our life west’s.

Dusk at Lindskär.

Day 3 Lindskär – Håskö

The forecast proved right. Increasing wind from the south east and heavy rains for the afternoon and coming night. We decided to head for Håskö with cabins and sauna.

Not a day for bringing the camera out, but here’s a shot from Örholmarna.

The rain had started when we got our cabin.

Håskö also provided a view from the toilet.

Day 4 Lay day

The windy weather continued throughout Saturday, so we stayed put.

The small store at Håskö was open (ir)regular hours.

The protected cafeteria.

Wind meter.

We took a walk around the island.

Found enough chanterelle for lunch sandwiches.

Peter showed his skill doing a Greenland roll before the sauna.

As the sauna is strategically placed at the small harbor, our naked dives into the water scared sailors to board their ships. They didn’t leave though, we thought we heard the sounds of video cameras!?

Dusk at Håskö.

Day 5 Håskö – Tyrislöt via Harstena

Our last day – with improving weather conditions.

Coming into the Harstena canal from the south.

The bakery and restaurant had just closed for the season, so we took a walk to watch the sea (for a change) and the small village.

Now all that remained was to return to Tyrislöt.

North east of Gräsmarö.

Heading into the sound between Missjö and Västerön.

At the northern end of Västerön. Now all that remains is paddling east for Tyrislöt.

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