Söderarm, at last


We took a day off (Magnus from vacation) and had a three day trip. We are so lucky, after weeks of miserable weather, summar has finally arrived. Started at Rävsnäs and paddled out to Vattungarna, via Håkansskär the first day.

We went north of Gisslingö

Peter looking for a lunch spot.

My skeg got stuck and couldn’t be moved. A small hassle and gives me something do next week.

Then we rounded Håkansskär and headed south for Vattungarna for the night.

We did take our mandatory swims, but very short. This summer has not been kind to the water temperature.

Sunset and a group of kayakers heading back towards Håkansskär from Tjärven.

Cloudberries, but not ripe yet.

4 am and sunrise. Peter and Magnus didn’t rise, so I spent the morning reading.

The second day took us from Vattungarna, via Söderarm, to Tyvkobbarna.

Waiting for the green light in passing the shipping lane at Remmargrund, southbound (a great Dickey Betts song by the way).

IT’S GREEN… (no it isn’t)

Reached Söderarm. The lady saw us and fled on a water scooter, leaving the island to the birds (and us of course). Ghostlike, a mix of Hitchcock (“The Birds”) and John Ajvide Lindqvist. Lots of birds screaming at us, trying to protect their young ones.

We headed westwards for the night.

Culinary Saturday dinner.

We rose early the last day, headed out at 8 am and back over the shipping lane. Via Fejan, back to Rävsnäs.

And to Fejan for morning coffee.

Returned tired, sunburnt and invigorated.

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