Paddled out to daughter Mias summer house.

Black and white

No, those are not black and white pictures, this is November and we have had 90 minutes of sun this far in that month.


Another great weekend, so we took a trip around Lovön.


aster Saturday. Fog in the early morning hours.

2014 Season premiere

This winter is not as the last ones, at least not yet. A couple of degrees above the freezing point and humid. Peter got me off the sofa this foggy morning.

Late Summer Saturday

Summer’s not over yet, around 20C today.

Went west and passed the Hässelby power plant.


With 28 C in the air and 24 in the water, a good 20C improvement to Greenland. Took an early Sunday tour in the vicinity and saw seven ospreys.


Paddled out to Lambarudd with Anders. A last preparation for Greenland!?