Visited Mia and the grandchildren at the rented cottage. Took Mia out for her first trip in over three years.


Still no sign of snow. Continued gloomy and wet. Put in at the beach by Villa Källhagen and took the Djurgårdsbrunns canal. Met by Jascha who filmed us.


Hitting a rock in a kayak is bad, but with a speedboat – ouch!

Kyrkviken, Lidingö

A relaxing trip with Per in “old Dusty” (his kayak had spent a couple of years in his garage).


The Four musketeers planned a three day trip in the Soderarm archipelago this weekend. But Peters moving to a new apartment in October, so naturally he had to skip. The Three musketeers concluded that there were warnings of high winds and thunderstorms, so we skipped Friday. Come Friday and rain that was said to go on all over the weekend so the other Peter skipped too. The two muskeeters, Magnus and George Truly, decided not to camp in the lousy weather, so we were down to one day.


After a beautiful and sunny but freezing week that ended in snow – a gray weekend. So we went paddling. After a late start due to it being the first day of daylights savings time, we drove out to Fågelöudde at Lidingö.


March 15, season premiere, Temperatures around the freezing point. Lakes still frozen over, but the archipelago is open. Drove out to Stavsnäs, Forgot the warm socks this time, but the thin ones worked fine inside the dry suit and neoprene boots.


Wanted try something other than the usual lake Mälaren day trips, so Peter L and I went out to Saltsjöbaden. Upon getting ready to launch found I had the wrong spray deck with me. So Peter took a solo paddle for an hour before I was back, appropriately equipped.


Peter L and I had a day trip in the Lådna archipelago.