Skanstull in darkness

We’ve talked about it for ages, but now was the time. Paddling in the dusk. As the sun sets around 4 pm at this time of year, we started around 3.

It got darker faster than we had thought. Here we are about half way to Skanstull, with Hornstulls Strand to the left.

Passing under the railway bridge.

Spooky and pitch dark at the turning point. But with headlamps and a flashing tail light we had no fears. Photography was more difficult (as so well shown with these masterworks).

Yeah, that’s right, the railway bridge again. Knew you would recognize it in the dark.

Where am I?

Passing the new apartment complex at Lilla Essingen.

As long as we paddled in the city, there was really no problem to see were we were going.

But on returning to Bromma, it was really dark. Passing by Stora Essingen on the east side we almost hit a pier. Don’t know who was most surprised, us or a lady smoking and chatting in her cell at the pier.

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