Today promised temperatures of 20 C. Although the last few days have been warm for this time of year, mornings i the beginning of the week was freezing.

Todays mistake was not cleaning the lens of the camera. Sigh. Well, it’s not summer yet.

As Peter had a party to attend, we did a tour that did not require car transport of the kayaks.

Off Kärsön we saw something looking like two eagles, but it was probably Osprey (fiskgjuse). Returning by the the Drottningholm palace another pair showed up. The other birds did not enjoy the company.

We went past the boat club at the Ekerö ferry this time.

Saw a small snake during the lunch break and cut it short. Saw another one swimming between our kayaks later. Scary, but not like the crocs Freya is struggling with in her around Australia race.

Returned passing the Ålsten marina.

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