Decided to do a Fall tour from Östra Lagnö to Finnhamn and back.

Drove for the east end of Lagnö to park in the reserve. Found a parking space, but a kilometer from the water. Tried Rävsnäsudden but couldn’t find a place to park legally. Ended up at the gas station at Klint sundet after having wasted two hours in vain. Irritating, but the weather was great.

It was Ulf, Peter L and George Truly.

An amazingly beautiful albeit chilli day.

Peter ckecking out the quality.

While Ulf seems to enjoy being captured.

Continued round Husarö and Lillskäret and touched St Halsholmen before heading to Finnhamn and the hut.

Piia and a friend joined us, arriving with the boat. We enjoyed a wonderful sauna and cold waters and later a nice dinner in the local restaurant.

Sunday was overcast, but still nice. We passed between Ingmarsö and Svartsö. Here at the lunch break at Nässlingen.

Before heading back to the car.

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